Quantifying hidden savings without setting foot in the building.

The problem.

  • Energy consumption is excessive: 39% of US energy attributed to buildings
  • Most buildings are “dumb” with limited sensors and controls
  • Sub-metering, modeling, sensing, building management systems, physical audits are too costly and cumbersome
  • The industry needs to gain virtual insight to savings

Our Solution.

Without setting foot on site or the burden of lengthy questionnaires

Quantify building characteristics and operations. How does my building perform?


Energy and cost savings opportunities.
How much will I save if I change the… ?


Population comparisons. How do I compare to other like buildings?


Building portfolio screening. Which buildings are best positioned for savings?

The Market

The global market for commercial retrofits will grow ~9.2% annually through 2020


Global Market for ALL commercial building retrofits


Global Market for Small and Medium sized commercial building retrofits (SMCBs)


North American Market for SMCB retrofits


Estimated North American Market for Office and Retail SMCB retrofits

Case Studies


Kent State University

Roof and window replacement. EDIFES prediction of savings: $1,559 (6 month period). Actual savings achieved: $1,771 (6 month period). Roof replacement: R-value increase from 16 to 30Window replacement: R-value increase from 1 to 2


Starbucks (fresno, ca)

HVAC Reschedule. EDIFES prediction of savings: $1,150 (6 month period). Actual savings achieved: $1,096 (6 month period). Adjusted HVAC schedule to align with store hours, reducing HVAC run time by 15 hours per week.


REI Portfolio Screening

EDIFES portfolio screening results were compared to those from a time intensive EnergyPlus simulation that required significant data and information collection

Our team.

We understand your requirement and provide quality works.
Dave Gordon

Dave, CEO of Edifice Analytics, brings over 20 years of experience in the building products industry leading private equity portfolio companies and a division of a Fortune 500 company.

Alexis Abramson

Co-founder / Senior Technical Advisor
Alexis, Dean of Engineering, Dartmouth and formerly the Maltz Professor of Energy Innovation at CWRU. She also held the role of Chief Scientist at the DOE Building Technologies Office.

Roger French

Co-founder / CTO
Roger, Kyocera Professor at CWRU, is also the Faculty Director for the Applied Data Science program. He brings 25 years of industry experience at DuPont.

Michael Goldberg

Board Chair
Michael, Associate Professor, Department of Design and Innovation at the Weatherhead School of Management at CWRU also is Managing Partner at Bridge Investment Fund.

How It Works?

We acquire your 15-minute interval electricity data…
You tell us: zip code, square feet, and building end use…
We identify energy and cost savings opportunities.

Output Markers

HVAC reschedule
Setpoint setback
Window replacement savings
Energy use intensity
Building portfolio
HVAC size/efficiency savings
Baseload reduction savings
Refrigeration size/efficiency savings
Occupancy patterns
Population comparisons
HVAC oversizing identification
Insulation replacement savings
Plug load savings
Daylight savings schedule errors
Energy consumption “snapshot”

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We understand your requirement and provide quality works.
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